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The Skype software

Skype is a programme for written, audio and video communication. We use it because it has proved itself in terms of comfort of use and audio and video performance. It is similar to a computer telephone.

If you already use Skype, you can use our services directly, if not, follow this procedure to install it:

1. Download the software

Download the software from its official site: and follow the steps indicated on the download page.

Download Skype

2. Create your Skype account

When the software is first run, it will ask you to create a Skype account:

Register with Skype

Warning, remember this pseudonym, you will need it to make and receive calls with all your contacts, including our psychoanalysts!

Register with Skype

Register with Skype

3. Using Skype

Once your account has been created, you are ready to use our services! Here is the Skype communication window. To find out more, consult the Skype help section

Skype communication window

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